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Featured Workshop: Food Microbiology 101 for Fresh Produce Packers

Food Microbiology 101 for Fresh Produce Packers

Many people involved with managing food quality and safety have not been exposed to traditional education in food microbiology. This 2.5 day course will seek to provide foundational information as it relates to microbiology of fresh fruits and vegetables. Topics will cover an introduction to food microbiology, culturing microorganisms from food and the environment, and mechanisms to control and inactivate microorganisms in fresh produce.  A special focus will be placed on providing information for foodborne pathogens. There will be afternoon sessions where participants will have the opportunity to learn different approaches for culturing bacteria.  Participants will leave this course better equipped to engage in food safety and quality discussions. An increased understanding of microbiological methodologies and their limitations will also help packers interpret results and evaluate new technologies.