Produce Safety Rule

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The Produce Safety Rule is a new regulation that covers the minimum food safety standards for growing, harvesting and packing produce on farms.

These new safety standards include requirements for agricultural water quality, employee health and hygiene, wildlife and domesticated animals, and soil amendments, as well as equipment, tools, and buildings.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Produce Safety Rule is “do I have to be compliant?” The resources below will help you learn more about this rule and provide information on exclusions and exemptions, compliance timelines, and key requirements for compliance.


Code of Federal Regulations

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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) houses the statutes that comprise the Food Safety Modernization Act and other federal laws.

Although it can be a daunting document, we’ve broken the CFR out by sections and included links that present the information in digestible chunks.

Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption