Produce Safety Ensuring produce safety—from farm to table—is a critical step in reducing the presence of dangerous bacteria in the food supply and preventing foodborne illness.
FDA Expands Water Testing Options for Produce Growers

FDA Expands Water Testing Options for Produce Growers

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FDA approves certain presence/absence tests for agricultural water used in postharvest washing and cooling, hand washing, sanitizing food contact surfaces, and making ice.

Worker Health and Hygiene

Several people wearing safety vestsFarm workers are the backbone of Washington agriculture, but they can also be a direct source of contamination.

Because bacteria found in human feces, blood, and bodily fluids compromise produce safety, it’s key that employees who are involved in growing, harvesting, and packing produce understand the part they play in keeping our food supply safe. This means making sure employees are trained prior to starting work and on a regular basis afterward.

As a farm operator, you should take steps to develop worker hygiene policies, appropriately train all employees on these policies, and document worker hygiene training.

The resources below provide more information on worker health and hygiene and how to develop your own farm safety practices and employee trainings.