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Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
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Safe Cooking Temperatures:

or higher
Beef, lamb, veal steaks or roasts (medium rare)
Fish (flakes with a fork)
160°F Ground meat
Ground beef & pork
Pork & Ham
Game meat
Egg dishes (firm yolk and white)
165°F Ground turkey & chicken
Hot dogs & lunch meat
170°F Chicken & turkey breasts
180°F Chicken & turkey whole bird, legs, thighs, & wings

Note: chicken, turkey and other poultry are cooked to a safe temperature when all parts reach 160 °F. Most people prefer the flavor and texture of poultry cooked to 165°F (for ground poultry), 170 °F (for white meat) and 180°F (for dark meat).

A Guide for the Person Living with HIV/AIDS

Tips for Safe Food Handling

Foodborne Pathogens

Choosing Safe Foods



Food Safety for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

General Guide
Tips for Safe Food Handling
Safe Cooking Temperatures
Foodborne Pathogens
Salmonella and Campylobacter
E. coli O157
Choosing Safe Foods

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